Michael Bailey

Welcome to my photographic world...

Michael Bailey

I am a photographer who specialises in fashion and portraits.

For me, photography is a meditation. When I’m involved in a shoot I find this consumes both the technical and the creative sides of my brain. I love the whole process of planning, styling and working with a crew, model or client. 

Thanks for looking at some of my work!

Michael Bailey

Scouting Models…

I am always looking for new models. So if you are interested in shooting with me, please send a couple of pictures with details of your age, height and experience, if any, to:

Important: As a responsible photographer I insist that model’s under the age of 16 years, must be accompanied to all meetings or shoots by a parent.

Always pleased to hear from, and collaborate with, other creatives…

Get in touch and tell me what you do. Email me and we can take it from there: